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Computer Assisted Interview

The use of OPA for assessing the needs of vulnerable citizens – Computer-Assisted-Interviewing (CAI) refers to the way in which computers can be used in the development and administering of survey questionnaires rather than using a paper questionnaire.

New Project In Australia

Monad Solutions has entered into an agreement with an agency of the Australian Government to deliver an end-to-end, standalone OPA determination system to determine eligibility for specific benefits. The work will be led by Senior Consultant Lindsey Crowe and supported by Monad’s global network of OPA experts.

OPA in Indonesia

Monad’s Michael Fairweather is in Jakarta working with local partner Phincon to determine how the country’s government social insurance agency can make the most of OPA. This is Indonesia’s first ever OPA implementation and Monad is proud to be part of this chapter in history.