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Monad partners with Solirius Consulting

Monad Solutions and Solirius Consulting have formed a strategic partnership. Both organisations have developed a reputation for excellence in technical consultancy and application development. Now with the ability to draw on expertise from a wider group, each company is now in a position to better meet the ever changing needs of their customers.

Batch Processor in Oracle Policy Automation (OPA)

In this article, we will be exploring the Batch Processor in Oracle Policy Modelling. The Batch Processor allows a large number of cases to be processed in batch. It can take input from comma separated files or from a database and can output to the same.

OPA Release 10.2.0 – birds eye view

I have just been playing around with the new 10.2 release of Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) and I have to say this is quite a major step forward for a minor point release. For those who have not seen the release note, the following is extracted from the Oracle 10.2 release overview