Cloud Solutions

Equip your salespeople with the edge they need to sell your product.

Oracle Engagement Cloud utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify tasks they perform daily. The service lets your sales team know what leads are promising, logs the history of interactions they have with their clients, and allows them to see where a potential customer is in the sales pipeline. Sales cloud also keeps track of the performances of sales representatives, so you can see who your top performers are.

Your customer has questions. Give them the answers.

Oracle Engagement cloud equips your customer service representatives with the capabilities to give customers the answers they are looking for. These capabilities include a knowledge base that stores answers to common customer questions/issues and the ability to easily route tickets to the right people with the right answers. Service Cloud keeps track of these tickets and their history as they move from opening to resolution. Read more about how Service Cloud empowers customer service representatives to satisfy customers here.

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