Drive sales in challenging times with oracle engagement cloud

Why large and small sales organizations are choosing Monad

With limited resources in an ever-changing world, we all want to invest our time where it matters most. Creating a unified experience for your sales team, Oracle Engagement Cloud lets you not only win high value accounts, but retain them as lasting relationships.

Monad has worked with companies small and large to successfully unlock the capabilities of Oracle Engagement Cloud. Let us help your sales leaders plan, execute and onboard clients – transitioning them seamlessly in one place into managed accounts. Created as a single platform, Oracle Engagement Cloud can help you create a sales solution that drives performance, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) that predicts each account’s win probability and gives you next best actions.

Empower your organization on every device with the tools to win and retain more business with Monad and Oracle Engagement Cloud.


Oracle Engagement Cloud includes powerful tools to build sales and maximize your marketing ROI. Let Monad take you on a tour of its capabilities—with no obligation. These are just a few of the key capabilities.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud puts digital marketing in one place—connecting data, orchestrating experiences and optimizing interactions for customers. Connect hundreds of apps and media providers.

Oracle CPQ

Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) helps improve margins and increase sales productivity. It can accurately generate quotes, proposals and capture orders for products and services in minutes, allowing you to make decisions on the fly.

What can Monad help you use Oracle Engagement Cloud for?

Sales Foundation

  • Provide critical customer information
  • Keep focus through AI on most qualified leads, identify risks
  • Share content and prove your expertise fast
  • Manage Productivity
  • Track deal progress
  • Forecast analytics
  • Campaign effectively with integrated lead conversion

Sales Performance Management

  • Optimize Sales Coverage
  • Coach in Real-Time
  • Deploy incentives that work
  • Meet compliance needs

Customer Data Management

  • Create a Single, Unified System to manage your customers
  • Increase Agility by verifying data in real-time, avoiding duplication or disparate data

Partner Relationship Management

  • Monitor Progress and Performance
  • Make Data and Support Features Available in a branded portal
  • Integrate Services Seamlessly

Service Foundation

  • Manage Service Requests
  • Communicate with Customers through any channel
  • Route and Employ knowledgeable agents where they’re needed most

Digital Customer Service

  • Personalize for your business’ brand
  • Strengthen Self Service

Advanced Sales Planning

  • Reliable Forecasts
  • Connect Sales and Finance to create dependable scenario planning
  • Fast planning and Quota Scenarios

With Monad and Oracle Engagement Cloud, create the productivity-driven application to adapt to an ever-changing sales market and differentiate your business


Whether your company is large or small, Monad has the expertise to implement Oracle Engagement Cloud—a powerful suite for building more profitable, long-lasting customer relationships. You’ll be able to attain new audiences in these hectic times and retain those clients for life.

Monad helps you navigate the right applications and development at the right time, making sense of how to unlock Oracle Engagement Cloud capabilities. From helping you build a successful sales pipeline tool to managing your customer onboarding and customer service, Monad consults, trains and supports you every step of the way.

We can help you use the flexibility of today’s Oracle solutions to fit a wide array of industries and public sector needs.

  • Automotive
  • Communications
  • Consumer Goods
  • Corporate Banking
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • High-Tech & Manufacturing
  • Retail Banking
  • Securities, Investments & Wealth Management

Contact Monad today. Ask about other clients of your size in sectors like yours. You will be surprised to learn that Monad and Oracle have a solution for you.

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Proof of Concept


Yes, you already have a CRM. But does your CRM think ahead for sales, customer support and field reps while they sleep? Oracle Engagement Cloud offers built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and features think ahead to prioritize next steps and act unlike any other CRM. Contact us for more information.

Competitively priced and fully featured, Monad will make your Oracle sales solution rise above and beyond.

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