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Customers come online to get things done. Oracle Customer Experience has the tools. Monad Solutions makes it happen.

The Intelligent Adventure

Monad Solutions offers four different Intelligent Adventures. Each offers outstanding customer experiences at increasing scale. But all four include excellence—from our processes through our execution and support.

1. Discovery

Maybe you already have a process or transaction in mind for Oracle CX. Maybe our team can help yours to transform the customer journey.

Together, let’s dream and re-define how to grow, streamline or close the loop for customers.

Capture new business. Lead clients through onboarding. Manage claims or policies. Whatever the complexity, Monad Solutions can navigate the shortest path to using Oracle’s Intelligent Advisor.

2. Roadmap

With a vision and some objectives in mind, we map the journey. Monad Solutions works alongside you to write a roadmap, so there’s a clear path from point A to B—and everything in between.

Your business isn’t always simple. Policies, pricing, departments…we understand process mapping and how to pinpoint the bottlenecks.

Now that we have vision and scope, Monad Solutions can surprise you with powerful Oracle Intelligent Advisor.

3. Destination

We have a vision and objectives. The journey is mapped. Now, Monad Solutions puts Oracle Intelligent Advisor to work, to fashion new customer experiences.

Whatever your final destination, the journey continues with support from Oracle and Monad Solutions. All four Intelligent Adventures include months of post-implementation services that ensure quality, training and documentation.

Choose Your Intelligent Adventure

Monad Solutions can help you to pick the right one for your business. Explore these packages. Contact us, and let the journey begin.


  • Up to 10 screens for web visitor “interviews”
  • Collect 50 datapoints per visitor
  • Generate 1 custom PDF or RTF per visitor
  • Includes automated explanations of policy decisions
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Basic plus

  • 15 screens for web and portal interviews
  • 75 datapoints
  • 2 custom PDF/RTF
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Premier plus

  • 25 screens
  • 100 datapoints
  • 3 PDF/RTF
  • Extra mobile configuration services
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Professional plus

  • 40 screens
  • 150 datapoints
  • 4 PDF/RTF
  • Custom mobile app
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Time to Engage

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Still pondering the possibilities? Oracle Customer Experience is a complete and flexible set of applications. Some may think they need to know exactly what they need it to do before they begin talking to us.

With decades of experience and hundreds of implementations under our belts, count on Monad Solutions to share ideas and success stories.

There’s no obligation if you want to think out loud.

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