• Understanding OPA – for many organisations, it is key to understand the capability of OPA to be able to make judgements on where it can be most effectively deployed. This short course is targeted at business users who will learn about the capabilities of OPA and where and when it is most appropriate to use the technology.
  • OPA Core Training – We have tried and tested training materials and a highly effective approach to guiding complete beginners to become competent in OPA rules development. This course applies to the latest version of OPA deployed both in the cloud and on-premise, as the OPA development process is identical for both. Click here for more details.
  • Advanced OPA Training – Monad training providers can deliver hands-on practical tuition on advanced concepts like time-based / temporal reasoning and reference relationships and teach participants how they might best apply to your organization.
  • Technical OPA Training – Most implementation projects require the integration of OPA to a CRM or ERP system or custom application, as well as configuration of runtime components. This course covers all aspects of technical integration and configuration of the OPA product suite.
  • OPA Cloud Connector for Siebel – This training course is designed for Siebel specialists with basic OPA knowledge wishing to integrate OPA into Siebel using the OPA Cloud Connector for Siebel.
  • OPA Connector for Salesforce.com – This training course is designed for Salesforce specialists with basic OPA knowledge wishing to integrate OPA into Salesforce.com using the OPA Connector for Salesforce.com.

In addition to the above courses, Monad also provide training courses on version 10 of OPA in the following areas: OPA Core Training, Advanced OPA Training, Technical OPA Training, OPA Connector for Siebel.

Please contact us for more details about our training services.