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At Monad, we are dedicated to empowering businesses like yours with seamless digital transformation through the power of the cloud. As certified Oracle experts with a deep understanding of Peoplesoft, we offer comprehensive PeopleSoft integration services to maximize the potential of your cloud-based solutions.

Our team excels at bridging the gap between your existing systems and the cloud, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration of Oracle PeopleSoft. From crafting a strategic integration roadmap to seamless data migration and real-time synchronization, we handle every aspect of the process.

Why transform with PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud?

Unlock the power of the cloud at Monad! Transform your business with Oracle and PeopleSoft integration services. At Monad, we make it easy to connect with Oracle and Peoplesoft services and unlock the true potential of your business.

Run in the Cloud

Optimize PeopleSoft in Oracle Cloud for cost-efficiency, productivity, and seamless scalability to adapt to changing business needs

Deliver More Value

Empower your business with continuous new capabilities in PeopleSoft, enabling you to choose features on your schedule.

Soar to SaaS

Experience the world's first automated cloud migration with Oracle Soar, upgrading on-premises applications to Oracle Cloud Applications in as little as 20 weeks.

Assessment Approach and Delivered Outcomes

Solutions tailored to your organization

Human Capital Management

Unlock the full potential of your workforce through streamlined HR processes.

Supply Chain Management

Streamline your business operations from procurement to distribution

Enterprise Learning Management

Elevate employee skills and knowledge with a comprehensive training platform.

Campus & School Solutions

Manage your students, faculty and staff with ease and advance their academic efforts.

Peoplesoft Analytics

Gain actionable insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities

Payroll Management

Ensure precise and compliant employee compensation with automated payroll solutions.


Intuitive User Experience

Fresh, modern, and mobile PeopleSoft delights all users with its flexible and user-friendly interface.

Powerful Insights

Leverage deep analytics in PeopleSoft, tailored and personalized for each user to drive informed decision-making.

Configured Your Way

Customize and configure PeopleSoft effortlessly to meet your unique needs in a sustainable manner.

Rapid Implementation

Experience swift and seamless system setup tailored to your requirements, ensuring quick deployment and minimal disruption to your operations.

Proven Expertise

Leverage our decades of experience in successfully managing large and intricate PeopleSoft systems.

Specialized Excellence

Benefit from unparalleled proficiency in specialized HCM, finance, CRM, and PPM domains, ensuring top-tier solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Ready to Embrace the Future of Cloud-driven Success with PeopleSoft Integration? Let Our Certified Experts Guide You Every Step of the Way.

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