Show off your Intelligence and Personalize your Customer’s Experience

You, Oracle Intelligent Advisor & Monad

In the midst of these chaotic times, it’s important to remember that every customer is unique. Deliver personalized, intelligent, accurate information and services for your customers using Oracle Intelligent Advisor and thrive in today’s experience economy.

Customers expect fast, reliable, and above all, personalized service. While your sales and business grow, maintain high standards and customer retention with scalable intelligent solutions. Connecting your data, intelligence, and experiences, Monad can help you create instant, personalized service which stays ahead of customer expectations and sets your business apart. You’ll keep your customers happy while meeting your compliance needs and improving your bottom line.

With direct experience and applications in industries like yours, Monad is an Oracle Gold Partner who can put Oracle Intelligent Advisor to work for you. Automating direct-to-customer and agent advice, we focus on getting customers the benefits of your intelligence as fast as possible.

Bring your data, intelligence, and customer experiences to life with Monad and Oracle Intelligence Advisor.


Want to free up your service representatives from routine questions? Still have an “FAQ”?

Make an impression with Monad and Oracle Intelligent Advisor and interact one on one.

These days, genuine communication is more important than ever before. Provide your customers and employees the experience they want through personalized communication. Give them what they want, when they want, without having to scale your customer representative or agent base. Automating your business intelligence, Monad can help you:

  • Provide a personalized experience to every customer, every time, instantly
  • Enhance your existing agents’ efficiency and accuracy with agent-advice engines built on your unique knowledge
  • Bring your Virtual Ambassador to life by creating a dynamic self-service application
  • Create custom mobile applications bringing your expertise to agents, constituents, and customers
  • Interview visitors and capture feedback easily and elegantly
  • Automate decisions and complex calculations for your business processes, expert free
  • Ensure compliance and transparency in decision processes
  • Integrate advice analytics, create personalized interviews and provide decision analysis
  • Build comprehensive, fast, and accurate decision engines unique to your business for payments, personnel and HR decisions, ensuring compliance, return authorizations, policy automation, and more!

Oracle Intelligent Advisor is so powerful and flexible, it may be harder to understand what it cannot do—than what it can! Monad has experience creating specialized, intelligent engines for businesses just like yours. Connect with us and find out what Monad and Oracle Intelligent advisor can do for you and your customers!


Part of the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) suite, Intelligent Advisor is a standalone application which enables you to re-create your company’s unique business intelligence as a ‘decision engine.’ Levering this powerful tool for your business, you can launch personalized interviews, show transparency in decision making, automate worker thought processing, or combine with other Oracle CX products to connect your data to create even more powerful custom experiences.

Technology is ever changing, and so is your business. Laying the groundwork for adaptive intelligence and future growth, choosing Intelligent Advisor allows you to capture and automate your unique business knowledge and scale for your business’s future. This technology is game-changing in the hectic world we’re experiencing and will continue to reap benefits for you well into the future.

Monad’s experience with Oracle Intelligent Advisor can help you apply and scale your business intelligence both within your company and within your customer base. Contact us, and learn how we can help you provide accurate, personalized, transparent service experiences with every interaction!


We all want the greatest return on investment, and in today’s changing world, it’s more important than ever. Choosing to use Monad’s expertise with Oracle Intelligent Advisor ensures you are going to use your technology to its fullest potential.

With customers ranging from start up businesses to multi-state systems, Monad has the experience to meet your business complexity needs. With a diverse team of experts who have led the field for over a decade, we have served across the private and public sector, encountering and solving business needs just like yours.


Powerful and infinitely configurable, choose the right people to ensure your technology delivers on investment.

Monad has the experience to make Oracle Intelligent Advisor deliver solutions for you which are:

  • Always Consistent
  • Deliver Individualized, Accurate Results for your Customers
  • Personalized to Your Brand Design
  • Entirely based on your unique businesses intelligence rather than generalized to industry
  • Instantaneous and Optimized for Decision Speed
  • Show Transparent Business Logic, allowing you to ensure accuracy and compliance with your business experts
  • Explain every decision reached through expert natural language coding
  • Utilize your growing customer data by integrating intelligence advisor with existing and future systems
  • Maintainable by your business experts
  • Designed to help you meet compliance needs

Maximize your intelligence capabilities and continue to provide ever improving quality to your customers. Behind the scenes, Monad can put Oracle Intelligent Advisor to work, automating the tools to provide advice, authoring experiences and calculating workflows to help them every step of the way.

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Proof of Concept


This is unlike any other automation tool inside your company. The flexibility of Oracle Intelligent Advisor delivered by Monad ensures a powerful return on your investment in customer experience and internal business intelligence. Ask Monad for a no obligation “Proof of Concept.” Let’s brainstorm ways Oracle Intelligent Advisor and Monad can create value for you!

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